With close to 200 researchers, the Imaging Division of the UMC Utrecht is one of the largest concentrations of medical imaging researchers in Europe. The division comprises the departments of Radiology (including Nuclear Medicine), Radiotherapy, and Medical Imaging; the latter department is better known as the Image Sciences Institute. The division is internationally renowned for its research on image acquisition, image analysis, diagnostic imaging, image-based prognosis, and image-guided interventions.

There is a longstanding close collaboration with industry, notably with Philips Healthcare, facilitating rapid translation of research concepts to clinical prototypes. Oncology, cardiovascular diseases, and brain disorders are the major clinical research areas of the UMC Utrecht Imaging Division.

In the current BENEFIT proposal, UMC Utrecht will work on patient selection, treatment selection and optimization, and treatment follow-up improvement for patients who are suspected of liver cancer by means of dynamic contrast-enhanced MRI based liver lesion characterization, and on improving X-ray interventional treatment of cancer patients by means of intra-interventional multimodality gamma/X-ray based identification of targeted tumourous tissue.