The Universitat de Girona participates in the project through the research groups eXiT (Control Engineering and Intelligent Systems Group – http://exit.udg.edu) and GiLab (Graphics & Imaging Laboratory – http://gilab.udg.edu/) from the Institute of Computer Science and Applications. The main research activity of the eXiT group is focused on the application of data mining and knowledge discovery principles for decision support and process monitoring tasks. eXiT develops an active research in the field of process supervision with emphasis in the integration of methods and techniques to assess process behaviour from measurements and experience reuse based on the following main points: case-based reasoning, multivariate statistical process control, qualitative representation of trends, knowledge discovering in data bases for situation assessment and decision support.

GILab carries out R&D and technology transfer mainly in the fields of computer graphics and image processing. In the medical imaging context, the main aim is to automate as much as possible the tasks doctors perform pre-, intra- and post- interventions. Our capacity to develop custom tools featuring technologies at the forefront of research and meeting specialists’ needs is our big potential. The GILab is conducting R&D in the following fields: image fusion and multimodal visualization and information theory applied to image processing and visualization.