OTHER SIDE MIRROR (OSM) is a biomedical engineering company dedicated to the study of human movement, its analysis, rehabilitation, maintenance and motivation. OSM is an R&D company that is market oriented. For OSM all developments have as a final objective the implementation of a Business Plan. OSM is member of the Health Technologies cluster of Catalonia and Board of Advisors of the TICSALUT Foundation and the AMETIC Association.

Its main areas of research are centered in the control and following of different pathologies, as well as the prevention of these looking for an equilibrium of the three pillars of a healthy life that are physical activity, nutrition and rest. The present line of research can be defined in three concepts that are: study of base measurements on physical activity, technological developments at the electronic and mechatronic level and virtual reality development. OSM has vast experience in the development of virtual worlds, multiple simulators based on the processing of immersive virtual information as well as the inter action and visual equipment required in each project. The company created simulators for skiing, fighting, cycling and the spaces for total immersion and increased reality for the rehabilitation of amputee children.