From its founding in 1990, Medis has been active in the field of cardiology, and especially in interventional cardiology with its software solutions QAngio XA for the assessment of the obstructions in the coronary vessels, followed by QIvus for the analysis of intravascular images (IVUS/OCT). Medis’ products have been integrated in the hospital-wide solutions of world-leading manufacturers in the medical imaging domain, such as the cardiovascular PACS solutions. These PACS systems are primarily installed in the cathlabs of hospitals. Currently QAngio XA is installed in PACS systems and it is expected that in the coming years its market share in this segment will increase. Overall, Medis has sold its cardiovascular imaging solutions (incl. QMass MR) worldwide.

The usage of quantification tools in cardiology and radiology is becoming more and more daily routine and often a necessity, since the amount of imaging data that radiologists and cardiologists are confronted with is huge. Validated quantification tools that provide insight and overview are of great support to these clinicians. Product choice by the cardiologists is always based on the track record of the provider, the validation of the solutions and the publications on these results, and Medis has obtained a world-class reputation in that respect as an innovative and reliable company. As described above, Medis is a world player in the field of cardiovascular imaging, has all the ingredients to develop a prototype and later on, if successful to make the next step towards product development and roll-out into the market.