Linkoping University, with its three faculties: Institute of Technology, Faculty of Arts and Sciences
and Faculty of Health Sciences, has 3.800 employees and a total of 28.000 students (of which 20% master level). Students come from all across the globe, with over 70 nationalities represented at LiU. The university offers postgraduate studies and research in more than 100 scientific areas within 20 multidisciplinary departments.

Medical Informatics – general information: The department of Biomedical Engineering is a national centre for research and education in Biomedical Engineering. It is a part of the Institute of Technology and is situated at the University Hospital.

The division of Medical Informatics, headed by Prof. Hans Knutsson, currently consists of 17 people, 7 within the faculty staff. The research is directed towards the development of adaptive techniques for collection, representation, processing, presentation, use and visualisation of medical images, data and knowledge. The infrastructure and localisation of the lab implies easy access to MR-data. The research group is part of the new Centre for Medical Image science and Visualisation (CMIV) located at the university hospital. CMIV provides an environment with both technical and medical expertise, ranging from image data acquisition, image reconstruction, visualisation and practical use of medical imaging. Through CMIV, the group has access to the Swedish National Super Computer Centre.

Research of the Medical Informatics Group is directed towards the development of adaptive techniques for representation, processing, presentation and visualization of medical images, data and knowledge.