The Division of Image Processing, also known as the Laboratory for Clinical and Experimental Image processing (Dutch abbreviation: LKEB), is a research group within the Department of Radiology of the Leiden University Medical Center (LUMC). Goal of the LKEB is to execute research, implementation and validation of image processing approaches which allow the objective and reproducible assessment of objects in (bio-) medical images using automated segmentation techniques. The LKEB is subdivided into a total of five sections, which specialize in application areas such as pulmonology, cardiovascular imaging and neurological imaging.

Core competences of the LKEB are 1) The translation of a medical imaging problem into a practical, clinically applicable technical solution, 2) Development of scientifically innovative automated analysis methods (segmentation, quantification, classification) for medical images, 3) Development of “medical professional friendly”; user interfaces and visualization tools and finally 4) Extensive clinical validation, beta testing and scientific publication. LKEB aims to combine scientific output (papers, PhD theses) with application output (clinical software). This way of working has resulted in several widely used clinical software packages, some of which have been recognized as de-facto standard in the field, in combination with a strong publication track record.